Our Process

SQUEEZE produce and delivers best quality, hygienic and fresh natural fruit based product using standardized production technology. This is to ensure all products are consistently produces. With product range that include juices, yogurts and purees, SQUEEZE sees the importance of initial process up to the final product with efforts to develop improved packaging.

SQUEEZE supplies their fresh products primarily to their food industry customers that include hotels, restaurants, catering and airlines services, and many others. With an extensive delivery network and a fleet of its own vehicles, SQUEEZE include on-time delivery using refrigerated truck for clients serving breakfast or event related to maintain the freshness.

Fruit purchased from farmers follow Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) allowing controlled use of fertilizer and pesticides. This result to a safe and healthy fruit juices made available for all to consume. The most crucial step in juice processing for SQUEEZE would be sorting out fresh and quality fruit as it differs from various crops. Being selective with only the freshest fruit will ensure quality consistency. SQUEEZE would also be able to supply their seasonal fruit products all year round.