Our Story

Business is always a race. But this is not the case for SQUEEZE. Registered under CV Prima Indonesia and incorporated in 1988 in Bali, SQUEEZE focuses the importance of fresh, healthy and delicious products. SQUEEZE manufactures safe, hygienic and natural products by utilizing standardized production technology ensuring consistent products for their customers.
SQUEEZE aims to be the best global supplier of natural tropical fruit-based products for the food service industry and not limiting to juice products. Current product range include yogurt with fresh fruit and puree.

With their high quality standard and reliable delivery schedules, SQUEEZE is able to maintain the trust with their on going clients in Bali and hopefully to the rest of Indonesia and globally.

SQUEEZE is also raising their corporate value by developing business with the local community. They strive to make a difference in the stakeholder’s life. These people are key in developing good practice in their business. SQUEEZE started off with only a handful number of staff and has now gracefully expanded to a medium sized company. Their medium sized team has a total of 26 years of experience in this industry and still growing strong. The communities are provided with job opportunities and staff support.

SQUEEZE is driven on a structured yet flexible economic engine. Flexible in adapting to customer’s demand with their products and services in a timely manner. They believe in a professional balance between growth and adaptability.

With high demands and positive growth through out their business years, SQUEEZE is establishing a partnership with The Grassroots Business Fund (GBF), a global investment fund. Squeeze’s investment plan includes advancing technology and providing technical assistance to their supply chain of farmers. GBF’s business advisory services are expected to help Squeeze with the company transition to professional management, while maintaining a family owned business. Squeeze anticipates that GBF will support similar enterprises in providing sustainable economic opportunities through capital investment and capacity building.